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Title: What People Say...
pg-13 to be safe
Pairing: JunSeung, DooSeob, and KiWoon.
Genre: Attempted humor/Romance
Disclaimer: I don’t own (I wish I did, but I don’t) Just the story.
Warning: Slash, BoyxBoy, or Shounen ai.

What People Say…


     Yoseob’s ear had been glued to the door for a full minute now listening

Read more to see how Yoseob's spying turns out! Collapse )

Beastly Fun: Part 2

Title: Beastly Fun: part 2 Ice Cream
Disclaimer: I admit it okay I don't own BEAST. *mutters* Jerks have to remind me... T~T
Band/Group: BEAST/B2ST



            Hyunseung had been taken aback at finding his band mates contemplating his love life,

Read more about Hyunseung's love life...Collapse )


Title: The Break up
pg-13 to be safe
Pairing: TaminxMinho, 2min
Genre: Angst
Disclaimer: I don’t own (I wish I did, but I don’t) Just the story.
Warning: Contains Shounen ai

Taemin P.O.V.

It had started out so well. What happened to us? We share the same bed, yet completely different worlds. Continue to the heartbreak...Collapse )

Love is a Fickle Thing

Title: Love is a fickle thing
Length: oneshot
Pairings: MBLAQ Thunder/Kibum (U-Kiss);; Joon/?
Rating: pg-13 for suggestiveness.
Genre: Romance, mild comedy.
Disclaimer: I -sadly- don't own Kevin or Joon or Seungho (even though Seungho isn't even in this story) nor do I own any of the other characters in the story. TT^TT

Kibum sat on the couch nervously aware of every noise around him. Usually he loved spending time with his boyfriend, just not at his dorm.
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TITLE: Hyunseung's crush on Yunho
DISCLAIMET: Why remind me I don't own Hyunseung or BEAST!

It always amazed Yoseob how the fans could take his platonic love with DooJoon to a completely different level. Read more...Collapse )
GENRE: Fluffeh!
WARNING: Boy popos (Kisses)
DISCLAIMER: I own none of the characters...sadly

"How did you get in here?" HyunJoong asked Read more... xDCollapse )

Will you let me love you?

Title: Will You Let Me Love You?
Chapter: 1/? sorry still not sure.
Rating: PG may change
DISCLAIMER:BB doesn't belong to me?!
Warning: boyxboy

      She had been standing nearby watching him for a while, he still hadn't noticed her and not once had he moved. He'd been crying, the red puffy eyes evident
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OMG Again?!

once again my internet is being cut off... so I decided to just do this from my phone. So, I apologize if my journals seem wierd I'll go back and fix them when I get internet again. Now enjoy the story!~

Summary and warning.

I have this story that has been stuck in my head for a while now. It is of BIGBANG. Yay!

Title: Will you let me love you?
pg to pg-13 may change.
Disclaimer: I don't own Big Bang... Sadly.
Warning: Okay, so I'm not the best writer in the world. I know that and I admit it, but I do think I have some good stories. Grammar wise... well, I'll worry about that later. Also this is boyxboy so if you don't like it don't read. You've been warned!
Summary: Seungri the cocky maknae of Big Bang, he has always been in love with their eccentric leader: G-Dragon. One night, while they are alone in the studio, Seungri gathers his courage to confess. GD, shocked avoids giving Seungri any type of answer. Read more...Collapse )

no internet?!

Wow, I just finished my very first one shot. Great right? You'd think, but now I find out the only internet available will be on my phone. TT-TT